Zach Kirby

Hi there, my name is Zach. I'm a Berkeley grad and former software engineer turned founder living in San Francisco.

Currently, I'm the co-founder of Vessel, a YC/venture backed startup focused on making it quick and easy to add user-facing integrations to SaaS products.

As most founders know, it's rare to have any substantial amount of free time in this line of work. But when I do have time, I usually spend it in nature or doing some form of reading, writing, or partaking in my second passion: film.

I have a general distaste for social media of any kind (including Twitter/Instagram/Reddit/etc) and tend not to use it. I do, however, love to connect and exchange ideas with other people and will respond to most (relevant) emails and LinkedIn requests.

You can contact me about anything (assuming it isn't an unnecessary solicitation), but right now I most enjoy discussing: the role of human behavior in entrepreneurship, the evolution of communication caused by AI, and the role of technology in American culture issues such as the loneliness epidemic.